As a busy working mom with two kids I feel so lucky to have great contributors who help me create amazing original content for all of my readers. I couldn’t do it without them. Please show them lots of love and visit their amazing blogs! 

Hi! My name is Diana and I am a graphic designer running my own shop called Livy Love Designs.  I love using fresh color schemes and bright patterns.  I enjoy drawing, sewing, and learning new recipes.  I am married and
have two little kids and I attribute them for where most of my inspiration
comes from.  Aside from my shop, I have recently started working with
Modern Yardage and I am a fabric designer for them, which has been a dream
of mine ever since I started graphic design.  You can follow along with my blog at Livy Love.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a graphic designer who loves creating things.
My blog, Sarah Hearts, is where I celebrate all things lovely because I
believe so much joy can be found in the little details of life.

We are sisters whose goal is to have it all…balanced,
organized and beautiful lives on a tight budget. Join us on our blog, Boxwood Clippings
for daily tips on design, organization, bargains, DIY’s and much more!

Hi! I’m Brittany from the blog brittanyMakes, where I journal my adventures in DIY projects ranging from everyday home decor to handmade jewelry, from tips in photography to stories of bulldogs, and everything else in-between.   I am a fierce accountant by day and a zealous DIYer by night.  I spend my time balancing my love for home decor and design with the everyday responsibilities of my corporate day job.  My main mission is to inspire my readers to do what they love, take risks, and above all, to exercise their creative muscles!

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