Final Project

Okay so Current Project: Green Hotel Room. Not Green as in the color but the concept. Although Lime green is one of the main colors. Green, dark wood, bamboo, white. It needs to be contemporary, clean and good for the earth. This is my LAST PROJECT in space planning and I am so happy! Here are some pictures I like:

Guestrooms at Hotel Palomar Dallas Here are some Products I like:

I have to have a sleeper sofa in the room and I like this modern looking one. Such cool design!

This one is not bad and it’s organic! It’s upholstered in Hemp!I like either of these two prints for above the sofa. I LOVE this fireplace. It’s perfect! I am having a double fireplace to be visible from the bedroom and the seating area so this is perfect. It is ECO smart because it burns less. Some ideas but more to come of course. read more
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Serene and Simple

For my space planning class we are all in charge of planning a retail space and we can pick any store we like. My partner is a yoga fanatic so we decided to have yoga products and I am fasinated with all the new organic products that are coming out so we are featuring all organic products as well. Our inspiration comes from this london based store.

It’s so beautiul and simple and wonderful.

They have food stores, yoga studios, greenhouses, beauty products and just about every ogrganic product you can think of.

Serene I love the green grass boxes. We will be using htem in our store. The only nerve racking thing is that we have to build a scaled model of the whole retail space. Not really sure how we’ll recreate a miniture version. For now I’ll just enjoy the pictures. read more
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No Space, No Problem

I had to prepare a PowerPoint for my Principles of Design class concerning Space. I chose to focus on how to make a small room appear larger. There are several tips I have learned through my research that I thought I would share.


Leaving your windows uncovered is a great way to make a room appear more spacious. When you cover your windows with heavy window treatments you are creating more distractions and clutter while also blocking useful light.

This is a before and after shot of a small space in an apartment. Notice how adding a fireplace with a mirror makes the room appear much larger than it is. Mirrors are your best friend in a small space.

read more
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Hello, My Name is Kirsten and I have a Blue Problem

Before I started learning about Interior Design I mostly assumed I was a “warm colors” person. Reds, Yellows and Oranges. The more I study and research the more I am drawn to all things Blue. To me Blue goes with any color. Blue is electric and calming and overall one of my new best friends when it comes to Design. Enjoy some of these pictures and maybe you too will come to form a good relationship with my favorite color. See here how blue is electric! Blue and White are so soothing together. Throw in some tan or beige and you have a great color combination. I love light blue walls and white molding. And who would have thought it would look so good with the Green Chaise and black and white pillows. This room reminds me of being underwater.

Love the Blue Sofa

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those blue ottomans. I am obsessed with them. My birthday is next month so you can keep them in mind.

Light blue and red are so pretty.

Look how good the light blue looks with pink. I’m not sure about that crazy chair but I guess it could work.

One word. LOVE!!! Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in the Hamptons. That blue light fixture is just popping out of the picture! Not only is this a great picture but it is a great idea. So much blue so little time. all pictures via Domino, Elle Decor and Flickr read more
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Classic Black and White

I am not sure what the technical name for this kind of tile is but I like it. Checkerboard tile is a classic. I love it in a kitchen or bathroom. The great thing about black and white tile is that it lends so much opportunity to insert color!

Here are some great examples.

Entryway Hallway


Children’s School Hallway Kitchen Black and White is always classic. read more
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My friend told me about this adorable paper line called ecojot. Cute little notebooks and workbooks and all made of 100% recycled materials! read more
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Elle Decor

This wonderful magazine came in the mail today. I love it. It is probably the most modern of all the magazines I subscribe too but there are so many pretty things in each issue. Here are some of my favorite covers:

I really love the colors in this room. Most definitely Cool. Hello pretty Zebra pillows and really cool table.

What can I say about the amazing sofa and wall mural.

Pretty blue walls

Blue Sofa you are great. I haven’t even cracked it open yet. I am waiting until I finish dinner and get out my ice cream bar. Good Times await. read more
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