One Room Challenge- Week 4


When you are designing a room it’s important to think of all the different players in the space and how they compliment each other. When it comes to art there are a few things that you can do to pull off a successful combination that will add a lot to your room!

Image via Lindsey Orton from the Riverside House

1 //  Consider Scale

Some larger pieces of art do well standing on their own but other smaller and medium pieces really stand out when they are layered with each other. When layering art we also like to use different frames so they can still stand on their own.

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One Room Challenge- Week 3


Last week Chris,The Taskmaster, spent a few days putting up all our molding and trim from Metrie.  It was so fun to see the progress each day.

I can’t tell you how much it adds to the space. After it was all up I had it painted in Farrow and Ball’s All White.

I have to admit I was a little nervous to do such a bright white but I really love how it turned out.  We also laid out our newBirmingham Black Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Dash & Albert.

My kids immediately grabbed the rod it came rolled in and started to be ninjas! I have always always loved the Birmingham rug. It’s classic, modern and bold plus this one is an indoor/outdoor option which makes it great for Dining Room! One of the biggest decisions for the space was choosing the head chairs for the table. image via Atlanta Home Magazine For the head chairs I really wanted something with a slipcovered look.  You know how there are some types of furniture that always pull on your heartstrings? That is how I feel about slipcovered furniture. I ended up choosing the Sierra Arm Chair pair from Joss & Main.  There were delivered last week and I love them.  They are a perfect greige tone. I love how they contrast with the white walls.

They are also the perfect dimensions for the dining table. I love when an armchair can still slide easily under and out of the dining table.

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Last Week’s Links


Image Source

1|| We love the natural wood mixed with the white walls in this entry

2|| This cold weather calls for some delicious homemade soup

3|| A perfect sweater  for this fall weather

4|| We are obsessed with this Pendant light

5|| We love these cute affordable floral pillows 

6||  Looking for some ready made Bathroom Vanities?

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One Room Challenge- Week 2- Moldings & Trim

Thanks for checking back in with us for the One Room Challenge. Check out my planning process on our ORC Week One post. As designers we are always considering wall treatments and millwork to be one of the most important steps in designing a space. We choose trim before we get to flooring, finishes or furniture. When you focus on your walls it makes the space feel much more custom and unique.

For my dining room I knew I wanted a space that felt semi-formal.  Nothing too fancy but also something that felt special.  I have always loved panel molding so I decided to partner with Metrie in my Dining Room to create a molding plan that would work for my space.

Here are some of the rooms that are inspiring me…

Image Source 

Images Source

Photography: Lindsey Orton

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

One thing I loved about the Modern Farmhouse that we designed is how we incorporated formal feeling millwork like panel molding but could still add in shiplap which has a more casual feel.  I know I want to add shiplap somewhere in my home so it’s important to me that everything still makes sense together.

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Design Trends We Love


The design world is constantly changing leaving us on our toes anxiously waiting to see what the next new thing will be. We know that keeping up with these trends can be a bit tiresome, so we wanted to help out our viewers by highlighting some of our favorite design trends circling the web right now.

Subtle Green Paint Color//

We have been seeing the color green popping up everywhere and we absolutely love it! We are mostly seeing softer greens like this one in our Modern Farmhouse. This color is actually a gray that pulls green so it feels nice and neutral.

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One Room Challenge – Week One -Planning

image via Decor de Provence

I am so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge again! Over a year ago I made over my daughter Jane’s room and I just loved how it turned out!

Now that we are in our new house I have lot’s of spaces that need some extra help.  Narrowing down which room to do this time around was a little challenging. Ultimately I decided our front room would be a really fun before-and-after to showcase. Our home has a traditional layout which means there are two small rooms up front. These little rooms are always hard to decorate because you really need to decide what their purpose is. For me I knew I wanted one of them to be an office. The other room could be a nice formal Living Room but I just didn’t feel like it would get used that much.

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Master Bedroom Mattress Selection

One of the main things we knew we wanted in our new house was a really good mattress! I have seen lots of ads for the mattresses you can order online but I”ll admit I was a little hesitant to order a mattress that I’d never laid on myself.  I got an email from Gel Foam Bed asking if I’d like to try out one of their mattresses made with their serene foam. It arrived on our front porch in a compact box and I’ll admit I was skeptical that a comfy mattress could be hiding in there! We brought the box upstairs and unpacked it and within a minute it was all inflated and ready to go! My kids were in awe that a huge mattress could fit in that box!

The mattresses come in firm, medium firm, medium plush and super plush. My husband is a super firm type of guy and I prefer a super plush! So we decided to go with the medium firm.  For my husband the medium firm is perfect! We had been looking at mattress prices for over a year so we couldn’t believe such a good quality mattress could come at such a good price point. It was also so nice that we didn’t have to spend time shopping for mattresses. Nothing beats having something delivered right to your door.

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#CamerareadyInteriors Group Blogging Event


We are excited to be partnering with 23 other Interior Designers in what we are calling #CameraReadyInteriors, a group blogging event to showcase the amazing photographers that capture our designs!  A room would never be as beautiful as it its portrayed without the photographers behind the lens. We’ve had the privilege of working with some truly gifted photographers for the past few years and we are excited to highlight them today!

Jylare is such a fun photographer to work with! She is so good at tapping in to the way people live and styling our shoots according to real life.

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Trending: Rattan Chairs


We are seeing rattan everywhere in interior design and we can’t get enough. Every time we turn around there is some sort of rattan in a space, and we keep finding ourselves wanting to put a rattan element in our client’s homes.

There are a few reasons we love it so much. First, the wood nature of rattan brings in a natural element to the space and is an easy way to bring the outdoors in! We always try to bring in a natural element to a space, whether it’s a plant or a more organic feeling piece of furniture. Rattan also tends to be more affordable than other seating options. If you have a bare corner that you don’t know what to do with, a rattan chair might be an inexpensive way to go.

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Tips for Decorating with Real and Faux Plants


Some people think they need to have a green thumb in order to have indoor plants in their home. We are here to prove them wrong. Adding greenery to a space can add needed color, dimension, and texture.  We are sharing our secrets on what we think are the best faux and real plants and how to maintain them.

Fiddle Figs are one of our favorite choices of greenery to use in a space. We use them the most for a couple reasons; 1) we love the look of them overall, 2) our clients request them the most, and 3) the maintenance is fairly easy.

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