Cement Tile


We are seeing cement tile popping up everywhere and, I don’t know about you, but we cannot get enough. We love the bold patterns they boast, allowing each space to make a statement. Since cement tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles) are such a statement piece we totally get that it may be scary to take the plunge. We’re a fan of cement tile because it is durable and resilient, which means it is a family-friendly option!

The question we get with cement tile is how should I use it and where? The nice thing about cement is that it is versatile. We’ve used in flooring and have incorporated it in a fireplace design. We’ve also seen it used as backsplashes and walls.

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Last Week’s Links


Photography by Kate Osborne 

1  ||  We were excited to see our Hartford Model featured here this week.

2  ||  We are loving these tropical infused photography prints.

3  ||  These luxury bathrooms are what dreams are made of!

4  ||  Crushing on this maxi dress for summer.

5  ||  Take a peak inside HGTV’s Smart Home.

6  ||  Who doesn’t love a good before and after reveal? Loving this drastic transformation of a practical kitchen.

7  ||  Tired of killing your fiddle fig? These tips may help. Better yet, get our favorite faux fiddle fig and you’d never have to worry about it.

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Floor Lamp Round Up


Floor lamps are one of those understated elements in a room, but can be essential. It can add needed height and dimension to the space, not to mention the oh so important lighting when needed. Some spaces also just don’t allow for a table lamp. In addition to function, floor lamps have become a design element with how high-end and unique they look now.

In our recent Mapleton New Build, we used this amazing arching floor lamp in the living room. We love how it really rounds out the space and adds the needed height and shape.

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Mixing Metals


Some people think that if you have one kind of metal in a room you have to stick with it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We love mixing metals! There really aren’t any rules to picking one over the other. It is a matter of preference and is a big trend right now.

In the Centerville Residence we brought in a little interest by adding matte black faucets into the otherwise brass/gold hardware and lighting. We love the subtle contrast it brings into the space! If you weren’t paying attention you may not have even noticed and that’s what we love about it.

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What You Should Be Buying At Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn is another go-to for us when it comes to sourcing affordable items for clients. They knocked it out of the park in our book with the pieces they just added! We rounded up a few of the items we are drooling over. Between the dresser and that chandelier, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

1   /   2   /   3   /   4   /   5   /   6   /   7   /   8   /   9

This post contains affilliate links.

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E Design with House of Jade Interiors


At House of Jade we offer different types of design services for our clients. We want our clients to be happy and offer different options that can cater to a client’s needs and budget. One type of service we offer is E Design.

E Design is a fairly new interior design service. It is all done virtually, which means you can live anywhere and still work with our team! E Design is great option for those who want the designer experience, but may not have the budget for the full design process or those who are willing to do the heavy lifting (i.e. shopping, implementing, etc.) but need direction on the design.

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House of Jade Interiors Baby Must-Haves


It seems to be the year of babies here at House of Jade Interiors! Three of us have each had a baby in the last six months! Our conversation seems to revolve around our babies and what products we use. We’ve been able to test out new things this time around and revert back to the tried-and-true ones from previous kids. There are so many products out there, it is hard to know what is worth it and what isn’t. So we thought we would share with you some of our favorite baby must-haves!


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Last Week’s Links

Last Week1

image source

1  ||  These rugs from Caitlin Creer’s shop are what dreams are made of. Especially loving this one.

2  ||  Loving everything about this living room makeover.

3  ||  Have you ever used Airbnb? We’ll take the villa in Italy’s Vitria Valley shown in this article.

4  ||  Such a cute banner for a kid’s bedroom.

5  ||  Obsessed with these booties for spring.

6  ||  Tried this hat on this weekend. It would be perfect for the beach or pool this summer. Not too floppy.

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Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links1

image source

1  ||   Great tips on designing a play room that grows with your kids.

2  ||  Obsessed with this top from Anthropologie.

3  ||  Love the high-end look of this affordable children’s lamp.

4  ||  Can’t get enough of African mud cloth pillows.

5  ||  Nine DIY project ideas that don’t look DIY.

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How To Find Affordable Art on Etsy + Our Favorites


 Similar Art / Kate Osborne Photography / Original Post

The perfect piece of art can complete any room, hallway, or nook. Really art is that piece that finishes it off. It can bring in the necessary color, style or focal point needed. Let’s be honest, though, art can be pretty pricey. When searching for affordable art, Etsy is a great source. The problem is there seems to be endless options and sifting through it all can be daunting.

We’ve found some useful tricks and tips on how to search and find good art pieces that are affordable.

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