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Dezaar Interiors Toddler Room Reveal

Today I am highlighting the work of designer and Atly student Dezaar Interiors. Nicole Botsman of Dezaar Interiors completed my “Interior Design Start-Up” course on Atly and was able to utilize principles from this course that resulted in her work being featured in a local publication. Shown below are before pictures, the moodboard she created and the completed room featured in Midwest Home Magazine. Here are the before pictures of the space: She added a chalkboard wall, makeover an Ikea east dresser and used pain to transform the space! Here is the after! Here’s how Nicole described her process: 

have always loved Kirsten’s work so when I saw on her instagram page
that she was offering courses on Atly I signed up immediately. I am not a
designer by training so I am always seeking opportunities to learn and
the course was fantastic, it has definitely made me more confident and
professional in my dealings with clients. Her tips on putting together a
moodboard, what to include in a contract and prepping for an install
definitely contributed to my project running so smoothly and I strongly
believe contributed to my work being published which had always been my
dream. I have purchased all her Atly courses and refer to them all the

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Selecting Textiles for Roman Shades

Window Treatments are often overlooked as people design their own homes, but they really are essential to complete a space. One of our favorite kind of window treatments we like to use are roman shades. They are also a great alternative when drapes just won’t work.

Our clients seem to love them as much as we do, but they never know how to go about selecting the right kind of textile for their homes.

There are a few things we consider when selecting the right fabric for a roman shade.

PATTERN SIZE: Make sure you choose a pattern that is small enough so it looks good when folded. The shades won’t always be down. You need a pattern that won’t get lost when it is all the way up. In these roman shades we used recently, you’ll notice the pattern is large enough to be understood, but small enough not to get lost when up.

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The One Room Challenge- Jane’s Room Reveal!

The day has finally arrived!  Participating in my first ORC has been amazing and just the kick in the pants I needed to get this room done. Thanks for all your support and sweet comments.  I hope you love this room as much as I do!  Jane is in heaven and keeps saying how pretty it is.   Here is where we started… First I painted, then I chose art, a rug and accessories.  Here is the after!  The main challenge in the room is that it’s too small for a twin bed so I chose the Jenny Lind Toddler bed from The Land of Nod.  I didn’t want the little bed to get lost in the room with the tall vaulted ceilings so I wanted to really play up the bed.  Paint color is Stillness by Valspar.  I chose the Hello Cocky! print in the largest size to draw the eye up in the room.  I also piled on pillows on the bed to create a daybed feel.   The Floral Gem Euro Sham is the perfect centerpiece for the pillow arrangement.  The quilt is the Floral Gem baby quilt.   I thought purple would be a fun color to add in with the coral and pink.   I also love how the maritime pillow brings all the colors together.  The Kyra lumbar pillow is from Shop Maddie G.  I’m obsessed with the small print and the pink color!  We are still loving the Kuma rug! It’s so pretty.  I wanted to do something really fun for the roman shade so I chose Ode to Matisse from DecoratorsBest.   I love the fun youthful feeling of this fabric.  I kept Jane’s blackout curtains in the room because a girl’s gotta sleep!  As another trick in disguising the small bed I put this beautiful floor lamp in the corner of the room.  The Dumont Floor Lamp does a great job of drawing the eye up and I love the hint of gold it brings to the space.   I chose the Botanical no. 1 and I love you in the Morning art prints for her walls.  Both of these are from Minted.  I’ve been a huge fan of their whitewashed herringbone frames lately.   On the other side of the room is her dresser which I kept from her nursery.   Because the room is so teeny tiny I really wanted to bring a mirror in above the dresser. I chose the Kichler Wall Mirror from Wayfair.  I just love the shape of it!  On the dresser I wanted to bring in some of the color from the other side of the room since there was SO much color over there.   I just love the Puffin classics and all the pretty colors they add to the dresser.  The anthro animal vases are no longer available.  I also love to bring pattern in whenever I can so I got one of Jana’s beautiful brushstroke lampsphotos by Lindsey Orton Photography  Thanks to everyone who has been along for this journey and this ride with us!  I wanted to take a moment to thank all the sponsors who donated time and product to this room reveal!  Minted ValsparLulu & GeorgiaThe Land of NodArhausDecoratorsBestWayfair – Shop Maddie G  Now go check out all the other fabulous participants!  Jana Bek / 

Autumn Clemons

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ORC- Week 4 Choosing Art

I’m back to talk about choosing art for Jane’s room!

One of the biggest problems with Jane’s room is the tiny size.  I couldn’t fit a twin bed so I decided to go with a toddler bed:

I love the Jenny Lind toddler bed from Land of Nod.  I decided to push it against the far wall where the crib used to be.  One thing I started to worry about was that it would feel really low.  A bed is usually a great place to draw the eye to in a space.  You pile it with pretty pillows and put some art above it and bam you have a statement! I started to worry that this smaller bed would get lost in the room.  So I tried to think of ways to make it feel higher and bigger.  One idea I’ve had is to push it against the wall and a put the pillows against the wall to make it feel like a daybed.  I also want to put a BIG piece of art above it so that it will draw your eye up.   I went though multiple ideas.  Slice of Summer Hello Cocky! You Me Sea Macaroons! Life is Sweet I finally decided on the “Hello Cocky” print from minted in the 44 x 60 size. I liked how the coral balanced out all the teal.   I picked it up from the framer this week!  Jett named him “clucky”.

I also picked out some other prints for other walls in the room.

Week One – Week Two Week Three Stay tuned each week as I transform her room! Here are all the participants so you can follow along with everyone: Jana Bek / Autumn Clemons / Coco+Kelley / The English Room / Vanessa Francis / Greige Design / Hi Sugarplum / I Heart Organizing / Jenna Sue Design / 

Stephanie Kraus

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The One Room Challenge – Week One

photo by Jylare Smith Photography If you are a design blog junkie like myself then you have surely heard of Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge.  I’ve long been an admirer of the beautiful rooms the participants come up with and I’m SUPER excited today to announce that I’ll be participating this time around.  To be honest my house is pretty much done.  I’ve decorated every corner and cranny that I can find.  So as I contemplated which room could use a refresh I decided that Jane’s room would be perfect.  Of course I love this room so much.  But she is ready to be out of her crib which means I need a bed and getting a bed means it’s time to make a few changes.  I feel like Jane’s nursery was so sweet and perfect for a little baby but I want her big girl room to feel playful and fun and colorful!  Here’s the room in it’s current state.  So let’s talk about the space.  It’s itty bitty.  Like some people’s closets are bigger.  I measured it out every which way and the only way to fit a twin bed in here is to push it against the window.  I don’t like this idea because it will cover up a lot of the natural light as well as take up half the room.  So really I feel like the only option is to do a toddler bed where the crib is now. That would take up the same amount of space as the crib which fits perfectly.   I really like the rug but now that I’ve lived with it for awhile I feel it’s too small for the space so I want to switch it out for something bigger.  The paint color is pretty but I want to liven it up with a color. I’m thinking a pretty aqua.  I also want to switch out the pretty art for a mirror to make the room feel bigger.   So here is to the to-do list for the next six weeks! 1. Find toddler bed with new bedding 2. Large scale art for bed wall 3. Replace roman shade 4. Find new rug 5. Replace current art with a mirror 6. Paint walls  7. Get a new light fixture 8. Look for cute accessories for the dresser I’ll be sharing more details but for now here is a little peak at the direction I have planned for the space: Stay tuned each week as I start to transform her room! Here are all the participants so you can follow along with everyone: Jana Bek / Autumn Clemons / Coco+Kelley / The English Room / Vanessa Francis / Greige Design / Hi Sugarplum / I Heart Organizing / Jenna Sue Design / Stephanie Kraus / The Pursuit of Style / Julia Ryan / Savvy Home / Simple Details / Simply Grove / 6th Street Design / Jill Sorensen / Swoon Worthy / Waiting on Martha / Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Trademarked by Calling it Home read more
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Last Week’s Links

coat / boots / leggings / jane’s coat follow me on instagram @kirstenkrason I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I took the week off and spend time with family all week.  It was perfect.  I love the Holidays but I was so excited to take down all my Christmas decorations and get back to normal life. Are any of you the same way? I hate clutter and the house feels so much calmer now.  But it was beautiful while it lasted.  I spent some time catching up on my favorite blogs and doing some after Christmas shopping.  Here are the links I’m loving from last week!  1 || I love these tips for creating the perfect bun.   2 || This is a really pretty white paint color.  3 || I’m a huge fan of sconces so I loved this roundup of great swing arm sconces.  4 || I can’t believe this carousel is a clock.  5 || This playdough looks so cute and easy to make!  6 || I’m always a sucker for a pretty pencil skirt.  image via Balloon Time  7 || This is such an easy idea to transform plain balloons for New Year’s Eve!  8 || These are the cutest sheets!  9 || I want to make these adorable bows.  10 || I have my eyes on this shelf.  11 || This is an amazing list of DIY toys to make for kids.  read more
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Last Week’s Links

Sorry for the blogging silence last week! Erin and I have been working on our biggest project yet and it’s on a tight deadline so every spare minute has been spent on design work.  We also had an install last week and three this coming week. It’s good to be busy but I’m happy to be back blogging this week! Here are my favorite links from around the internet…. image via The Creativity Exchange 

1 || This is the cutest calendar and it’s a genius idea to frame it!
2 || This fabric would make great pillows.
3 || I can’t wait to make this cute necklace for Jane.
4 || I just bought these shoes. I’m excited for the weather to get colder so I can start wearing them!
5 || I’m always on the hunt for unique flush mounts.

image via Danielle Oakey Interiors

6 || I love this idea for easy DIY art!
7 || I really want to buy these jeans. They are just sitting in my shopping cart….
8 || This girl’s room reveal is so colorful!
9 || This is such a good deal for my favorite vase!
10 || I’m obsessed with pom-poms right now.

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Feature Friday: With Heart

Today I am featuring the house tour of my good friend Jen from the blog With Heart.  She is an amazing talent with a great eye for design. Not only does she have a beautiful home but she is a beautiful person inside and out! I can’t wait to share her home tour with you today.  Here is what she loves most about her home:

 I love that it’s a place that truly
reflects how we live.  It’s beautiful, yet very functional, and although
we have some things that are pretty, everything is toddler-proof.   Our
home is comfortable and great for entertaining.  It’s our favorite
place to be.


l i v i n g   r o o m

Read mores about this room here.

k i t c h e n

Read more about this kitchen here.

m a s t e r   b e d r o o m You can read more about this room here.  m a s t e r   b a t h r o o m
You can read more about this space here.

p l a y r o o m

Read more about this room here.

g u e s t   r o o m

You can read more about this room here.

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Last Week’s Links

1 || This father’s day poster printable is so cute.
2 || My sweet friend Bryn posted pictures of her completed nursery!
3 || I most definitely want this suite for Jane. 
4 || I’m always looking for great sectional options!
5 || How cute are these baby leggings?!

6 || A dollar store vase and some spray paint? Love this simple DIY!
7 || I’m so proud of my friend Diana and her weight loss journey. I can’t wait to read her e-book!
8 || This is the perfect summer hat. 
9 || This bridal shower is out of this world.
10 || I want these earrings.

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Can Kids & “Nice Things” Co-exist & The Best Fabrics & Finishes to Use With Kids

First things first! I hope you had a great memorial day! And secondly I wanted to make sure you know about my instagram giveaway going on right now! I am giving away one kids room e-design!! That’s right. If you have a kids room that needs some design help you could win an e-design plan designed by me!  So make sure you head on over, follow me on instagram and enter the giveaway!  And now back to our series!  Today I am asking the experts if kids and nice things can co-exist? And also what are their favorite fabrics and finishes for kids. 

I believe that kids and nice things
can co-exist, just not perfectly.  I love decorating with white which is
not normally deemed kid friendly.  I used to use dark colors in order
to be practical but I hated the colors I was using.  I finally just
started lightening up my home because it made me happy.  I’m still happy
with my white walls, finger prints and all.  If you go light like I did
just make sure to use a semi-gloss as flat paint is really hard to
clean up.
far as furniture goes I love a mix of old and new.  Old pieces are
great with kids because the more banged up…the more character.  If you
are opting for a lighter couch (which truthfully is hard to keep clean)
than opt for slipcovers that can be thrown into the wash.
if anything is very precious or has a special memory attached to it by
all means put it on the top shelf.  There are no guarantees.
– Trina, La La Lovely
I want to be able to shout “YES!!” to this question… but honestly?
 The answer is more like, “meh”.  We’ve had our fair share of mishaps
around here and not everything has survived the carnage.  One thing I do
swear by though is microfiber.  Both our couch and our dining chairs
are microfiber and no amount of thrown food, baby throw up, or even
dry-erase marker has managed to penetrate them. 

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